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Technical Track

Moderator: Anton Boyko

AI Cases Track

Moderator: Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
Welcome coffee
Welcome coffee
Lessons From The Trenches: Designing and Building a Chatbot
In this presentation, I will show how much it "costs" to build a chatbot using Microsoft Bot Framework SDK and what you need to account for unexpected scenarios and ambiguities during development. I will go through the history of our project of designing and building the solution, explaining technical challenges and how to overcome them, and future directions of development. In addition, I will demonstrate how to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to guarantee security, separation, ease of deployment and integrity of what is deployed in a transparent way to the developer.
Igor Fesenko
Application Architect, SoftServe, San Francisco, USA
AI and Cognitive Technologies in Healthcare
Review on what AI and cognitive technologies and how might change the healthcare industry and medical services.
Dmytro Batsenko
Digital Experience Lead at Digital Solutions Lab, Deloitte, Kyiv, Ukraine
Getting Insights from Microsoft Graph
Insights are relationships calculated using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques. Through the Microsoft Graph API (and the underlying Office Graph) you can get different types of insights.
Mykhailo Galushko
CTO, DevRain, Kyiv, Ukraine
DonorUA + AI: How We Save Lives with Technology
DonorUA helps quickly search blood donors. How we use modern technology (cloud, AI, chatbots, social media monitoring) to create a cutting-edge service for Ukrainians.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO DevRain, Ph.D., Kyiv, Ukraine
Build E-commerce AI Platform with Azure
In this presentation, I will show how to build a data-driven platform using Azure capabilities. Also will describe what ML models might be applicable for e-commerce and how to maximize your profit with AI power.
Taras Firman
Data Science Competency Manager, ELEKS, Lviv, Ukraine
AI for HIV case-finding
About a half of people living with HIV in Ukraine are unaware of their status which is higher than average in Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. We will discuss how community-based HIV testing can be improved with embedded machine learning algorithm. The algorithm targets individuals connected to people living with HIV.
Dark Side of AI in Healthcare
When it comes to AI use for prediction, diagnosis and treatment of medical conditions, reality is often replaced with a hype. Limitations should be known. A review of AI failures and challenges in healthcare showing why it is not likely for algorithms to replace physicians soon.
Yulia Sereda
Lecturer of Kyiv School of Economics, Ph.D., Kyiv, Ukraine
AI Capabilities for Power BI
Power BI makes it possible for every employee in an organization to make better decisions based on data with beautiful reports and dashboards. But data scientists, who are crucial to deploying AI solutions, don’t have the bandwidth to provide custom solutions to all users at an organization. Businesses need ways to surface the valuable work of data scientists and empower more users to leverage AI in easy and intuitive ways. Power BI can easily help with this problem.
Eugene Polonichko
Senior Software Developer, ELEKS, Kyiv, Ukraine
White-box AI. How Human Beings and Machines Can Cooperate to Reach a Marketing Breakthrough?
Dmytro Bilash
Co-Founder, Captain Growth, Kyiv, Ukraine
Azure Cognitive Services Vision API JumpStart
During this workshop we will work with Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Vision API services. The goal is to obtain practical experience with cloud services for images recognition. During the workshop we will practice our skills with face recognition services (provides face algorithms, which enables face attribute detection and face recognition), computer vision APIs (provides algorithms for processing images and returning information), custom vision APIs (enables developers to build, deploy and improve custom image classifiers).
Anton Boyko
Senior Solution Architect, Kyiv, Ukraine
Machine Learning with ML.NET and Azure Machine Learning JumpStart
Are you .NET or Python developer willing to build machine learning apps? In this workshop you will learn how to build ML apps with ML.NET, how to use Azure Machine Learning service, AutoML and Azure Notebooks.
Oleksandr Krakovetskyi
CEO DevRain, Ph.D., Kyiv, Ukraine
Closing Ceremony
Closing Ceremony